Thursday, December 17, 2009

Care about your wishes !

What do you do when your wishes come true ?
Today was that day for me.I think our dreams really come true .In my whole life I wish to do something about our world ,environment,or our ecology.And now I am a part of team that care about trees and human's relations.Wow they were full of experiences of cycling around different countries.So exciting!
When you decide to go on such a trips ,you must be free of all the thing around you .Mr.Tajeran who is the leader of our team said something that I totally believe in.

Kids ruin what they build and build again what they ruin hopefully,They have no dependence to the real world.

Thanks Mr.Tajeran.You have learnt so many things to me.I won't forget that!

If you want to be familiar with the aim of Mr.tajeran about his traveling see this link below.

We need trees

Thanks any way .Thanks for reading my words.Thanks God who help me in darkness !

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What I feel when i am at work ?

Today was my first day of working in a new factory.In order to get closer to successes,I tried to think a bit different.Now I will tell you what I mean by this word "thinking a bit different"

First of all I reminded myself that I am a part of a team and I must respect the others.However there are some kind of people that are unreliable.They want to loose the others by this manner they can get promotion..So do you think is it a good idea to struggle with them?
well.hmmm I'm not sure !!It has got nothing but making you feel bored and tired of working ! So be calm and think about how YOU can improve your skill more DIFFERENTLY from the manner of those people.You are the one who deserve working in peace.Nobody else has got the power of bringing happiness to your soul.At least not more than you!! It just you & you &you .. (I mustn't forget this!! )

I am not professional in management but my experiences showed that .
Enjoy your time ! Respect your happiness !

Monday, December 14, 2009

About PHMB (An Antibacterial Agent)

Since I start searching about a kind of antimicrobial agent also the harmful effects of a bacteria or microbe or ..,I care more about what's going on around me.I was so excited .There was something in my mind.And I tried to extend it.
So I start from the quality of hospital dresses.How we can promote their health care?
As we know there are different diseases that need to be aware of infection like diabetes and There are good results of using PHMB on dresses.

Before studying on different aspects of an antimicrobial agents,they are some terms that we must explain.

  • Germ‐ A generic term for a microorganism which causes illness; examples include bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, and parasites.

  • Microbe‐ A disease causing organism.

  • Fungi ‐ A microscopic plant that obtains its food by dissolving organic matter. Mold is a type of fungi that is spread by air‐borne spores.

  • All‐purpose cleaners ‐ Penetrate and loosen soil, soften water and prevent soil from redepositing on cleaned surfaces. Some all‐purpose cleaners contain disinfectants.

  • Antimicrobial‐ A general term for any substance or product that inhibits the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria,fungi, or protozoa.

  • Antibacterial‐ A chemical substance or product that either kills or inhibits infectious bacteria.

  • Bacteria ‐ One of several different types of microorganisms or germs that multiply by division of a single cell into two bacterial cells. Infectious bacteria are responsible for a large number of human diseases, but not all bacteria are harmful.

  • Disinfectant ‐ An agent that reduces the risk of infection by destroying harmful bacteria. Disinfectants may not destroy bacterial spores. Disinfectants have to be registered with the EPA and consumers should look for an EPA registration number on the product. In addition, the instructions on the label MUST be followed to ensure that the product will be effective.

  • Cross‐contamination‐The transfer of germs from one surface, food, or person to another. For example, it can occur when shaking hands with someone who has a cold, when picking up a remote control that has been handled by a sick family member, or when wiping a counter top with an unwashed sponge.

  • Pesticide ‐ An ingredient in products which are designed to prevent, destroy, repel or reduce pests including microorganisms. Antimicrobial products can be considered pesticides.

  • Sanitizer ‐ An agent that reduces the number of bacterial contaminants to safe levels as determined by public health requirements.

  • Treated articles ‐ Typically refers to articles or substances which are impregnated with, or have antimicrobial compounds incorporated into them, to protect the articles from microbial degradation.

  • Non‐treated articles ‐ Articles, surfaces, or other inanimate objects which are not impregnated with, or do p g , not have antimicrobial compounds incorporated into them during, or after manufacture.

  • Public health pesticide claims ‐ A claim that a product is intended to control infectious microorganisms that may present a hazard to human health.

  • Non‐public health pesticide claims ‐ A claim that a product will control or inhibit odor‐causing bacteria (i.e. bacteria causing spoilage, deterioration, or fouling of materials such as paint or industrial fluids).

  • Refreneces:Synthetic Turf and Athletic Activities: Microbial Presence, Amplification,Transfer, and Control /D. Rod Walters II, DA, ATC Lexington,South Carolina/New Orleans, LA December 9, 2008

How I feel ?

Hello Bis-vis (it's a term that I use to call myself when I am in real hurry to do something)

I am so busy these days as I am looking for a special antibacterial agents(PHMB:Poly Hexa Methylene Biguanide )for starting my project.
I have decided to share my results here after reaching to a conclusion.. So that's why I'm in a hurry !
I hope that I find that agent without any trouble !!

(I swear to my God that I will be a good girl!! :) ))

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Try my hands at weblog

This is my first words in this blog(so I must care about it !!) ! I have so many planes for writing. Happy for that!

I am here to share my opinions,researches,reports...The whole things that had been usefull for me.

Please leave me your comments.It will hepl me alot.