Thursday, June 24, 2010

Liquid Crystal Polymers

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I found liquid crystal so interesting to share some information about it !We see the final applications of these polymers in fibers like .


  1. Kevlar ,
  2. Nomex,

Hetrocyclic polymers such as

  1. PPT (Poly Three Methylene Tharphtalate ) ,
  2. PBO(Poly P Phenylen Benzobis oxazo),
  3. PBT(Poly P Phenylen Benbisthiazole),
  4. PIPD(M5,Poly Imidazole Pyridinylene Dihydroxy Phenylene)

So here is ...

liquid crystals

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Interfacial polymerization

This research is about interfacial polymerization of common nylon 6,6 which describe the the whole process and the condition of polymerization.

A polymerization reaction that occurs at or near the

interfacial surfaces of two immiscible solutions..

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Monday, June 7, 2010

TouchTec gloves keep fingers warm while operating touch screens

TouchTec gloves keep fingers warm while operating touch screens

As most of the newer personal devices feature touch sensitive input usually via the screen, operating them during cold winter days can become an annoyance. Conventional, old tech gloves have to be taken off before one can even pick up a phone call.

See, electronic technology advances at a high speed but we or our clothing sometimes fall behind this rapid development and we are not able to operate them properly at times...