Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dyeing technics

Most of the time for a dyeing process we make a combination of three main color which are the best suit for dyeing .

  • Red,Blue,Yellow
They must be the same in class,tempreture AND the location of producer factory.For example they all must be from India or Korea Or China and so on .And it some how depend on the depths of shades .For example for light shades in dyeing cotton fiber with reactive dye I mostly use color Which have got high evenness and absorption.

  • In light shades the rate of absorption is much higher due to free sites of absorption,that we must care about it in process.Adding colors to the bath must be done state by state And every state must be followed after 10 -14 min .Adding salt (NaCl) and an alkali (like Naco3 +NaOH OR just Naco3),which are followed by dyes can be done in the same tempreture of starting.It have been shown in some cataloge that 2/3 of alkali is added in fixing tempreture.But i have test different dyes and i think there is no need for that,also it have high risks.And it depends on accuracy of the workers.Well there are lots of things to say!
    In my further post i will try to go for it's details