Saturday, August 14, 2010

How can I be successfull with my decisions?

What reasons mostly prevent you from continuing a job ,a research or many other thing that you were so eager to reach the end?

Some days ago when I categorized either my completed or unfinished jobs,I felt sorry .Cause unfinished jobs was growing faster than completed.It makes me thinking about some solutions.Life is too short to have such seprated unfinish ways!
The reasons are inside me .And it happens from the start point!
Although it needs psychologist view,There are some example which may help me fix this.
Starting a research needs to think about different aspect of it,Whether it is good enough to go through or just it could be nice to learn more about ,So most of the time I can pass this stage ,trying to control and make some branches to that subject.It helps me find related applications in reality.
That's it! Reality!
When I make too much dream about somthing it goes far from reality .In this stageI lose my way !It will stop me from continuing it.
Whatelse ..?
Trying to be in the same mode.Some time we fail and some time we win!
It's hard to control feeling.I mean wining makes me proud of what i have done.Although it could be useful,it would harm too.Even disapointment and sadness after failing .So they should be balance.I must use the energy of winning and learn some lessons from failures.I must be a friend of my failures.Get close to them and ask them why they happened..
May be they need to be asked how they appear ?
And the reasons that I didn't go closer to them was my sadness of their sudden presence !
I am trying not to be proud of what I have gained until it reaches to it's final point.

Just a simple key will help you in starting and keeping on trying successfully !
Don't say I cant do it,Say it's hard enough to do.
Try to be optimistic,See the reality and Transfer your posetive energy with everything..
Control your feeling ..Forget sadness.It's a gigantic obstacle that disappear your hopes.Don't even get close to it !! :) Even a smile will disappear the dark world !
In this way you will be ready for delivering posetive energy that comes to u!
Be alone sometimes and just think about yourself.

So I will be glad to hear from your experiences!

Mandana Deylamian

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